Hello! I'm Emillie, a 23 year old embroidery artist based in Leamington Spa, England.


What originally began as a curious part-time hobby in 2013 has now turned into my absolute favourite thing to do every day. I enjoy embroidering an assortment of woodland/wildlife themed art & custom pet portraits.

I love using this medium as it is timeless, unique and requires a lot of patience. I embroider with one strand of DMC embroidery thread at a time as this allows me to get capture the finest details possible. The most challenging part is trying to find the perfect colour for a portrait, as you can’t easily mix colour as you would with paint, thus I have to create the illusion of it! 

In an age where everything is instantaneous its important to take the time to create something with your own two hands. I embroider because it makes me feel connected to the past, I love to immerse myself in a timeless craft that doesn’t have an assortment of boundaries. Embroidery is a forgiving art form - if you make a mistake it is very easy to undo the stitches and go back, if you want to hang your art on the wall, or embroider on your clothes you can. Your embroidery can be taken anywhere with you & is fairly inexpensive. I want to pursue the revival of timeless crafts and show the world how great something can be if you simply take the time.