Emillie Ferris is a self-taught British artist who uses traditional embroidery methods to create original hand embroidered hoop art, embroidery patterns & custom pet portraits. Emillie took up embroidery in 2013, and although it originally began as a part-time hobby, it has now turned into her full-time career.

With her background knowledge in painting, photography and graphic design to guide her, she commenced her journey, unknowingly using traditional embroidery methods to paint with thread. A timeless technique called needlepainting that is centuries old. After many years practicing these traditional methods, Emillie hopes to enlighten the public to the ancient craft of embroidery, and show the world just how great something can be if you simply take the time to create it.

Emillies work, although mostly fuelled by her passion for needlecraft, draws inspiration from wildlife and the British countryside.