In an age where everything is instantaneous, its important to take the time to create something with your own two hands. Embroidering encourages you to sit down, breath and ease into an evening (or a whole day) of creativity and relaxation. I hope you fall in love with the ancient art of embroidery and show the world how great something can be if you simply take the time to create it.

How to paint with thread

If you've been considering picking up a needle and having a go at embroidery yourself, you can find my new digital PDF tutorial patterns available now in my Etsy store. These patterns specialise in the freehand method of embroidery named 'needlepainting'.

Embroidery is a versatile art and very easy to get started with. You won't need to purchase a vast array of exspensive materials to find your new passion. Its portable and very easy to store. You won't need to worry about spilling any paint on yourself, or knocking over that dreaded pot of paint water. Though you may lose a few needles and find endless bits of thread everywhere! I don't think I can leave the house without a tiny piece of thread attaching itself to me.