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Hello! If you are on this page, then you’ve realised you would love to own a custom embroidered portrait of your beloved furry friend! Thank you for visiting this page and for considering me to embroider a custom pet portrait for you. If I haven’t been able to answer your questions via this page, or you have a commercial enquiry then please email me at



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Embroidery is a slow process, that requires many hours to complete just one hand-embroidered hoop, therefore as of 2019 I will be accepting pet portrait commissions primarily through a waiting list. This means that my old system of releasing slots first come, first serve will be taking a step back, and may only occur once a year. I believe having a waiting list system in place will be more suited to everyones busy lifestyles! The best things in life are worth waiting for, and I hope you can be patient with me whilst I embroider my way through as many portraits as I can this year.


Information —->

My embroideries are hand made completely by me. All of my pet portraits receive special attention and are created with patience, love and care. I am happy to post the embroideries worldwide.


[ 2019 PRICING ]

  • Size: 5” Hoop

  • from £650 + UK shipping fees

  • from $845.44 + US shipping fees


  • Your pets face

  • A partial amount of their neck

  • Their name written underneath


  • Stitched using DMC embroidery floss onto Cotton Calico Material.

  • Wooden Hoop is hand-stained

  • The Hoop is finished with felt backing

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 19.22.26.jpg

Photograph guidlines —>

It’s extremely important that you can provide a high quality photo for your pet portrait. The better quality the photo, the better I will be able to capture all of those extra details that make your furry friend unique. It’s how I capture their personality! I embroider directly from one main photo for the composition, and if needed, use additional photos for colouring and details. When capturing your main photo, try to capture their main personality traits, for example: Is your pet a majestic goddess? photos of them looking slightly off camera and chin up can look especially regal! Is your pet a happy chappy? Be sure to capture their smile and sparkling eyes!



  • Choose a high resolution photo taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone with a good camera. When you zoom in you want to be able to see their individual hairs!


  • Take the photo in natural daylight so as to capture the colouring of their fur accurately.

  • Try to not use flash or artificial lighting


  • Take the photo at their eye level

  • Fill the viewfinder with your pet as much as you can without distorting their features.

  • Don’t take the photo from a far distance or from above



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Recent Testimonials —>

I am Sofias “Mum” lucky to have been owned by her for 14 1/2 years and she arrived home today. Emillie you are a talent beyond, in a category by yourself, and you are also a compassionate and gifted woman…and to everyone else reading this, if you are lucky enough to have Emillie craft you such a gift, then you are lucky enough.. I am so in love, its more her than any image or painting we own.. I am humbled by your work..Thank you so very much..
— Candace
Emillie’s talent and way of being amaze me. She conveys so much love through her art and such positive vibes through e-mail. My family and my friends who knew my cat Blacky couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the in-progress pictures and the final result. Emillie has captured her character in a way I couldn’t think possible. It’s such a beautiful and ever-lasting tribute! Even the packaging of the piece is so precious it makes you want to keep everything. From start to finish, it was a truly pleasant experience. Thank you so much Emillie
— Flor
This custom pet portrait of my little Arch is absolutely perfect! Emillie was able to capture his sweet personality in this piece and the detail is incredible! Thanks so much Emillie- It’s such an amazing tribute to our friend.
— Meredith